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Past workshops led by Kim Criswell:

Improvising from the Senses: A Taste of Action Theater

This workshop turns the studio into a laboratory for exploration. Through guided improvisations using breath, voice, eyes, ears, limbs, body and impulse, we isolate individual components of action (time, space, shape, energy) so they can be examined and playfully altered, leading to moment-to-moment creative expression — and a great deal of fun. June, 2011 at The Substation, Singapore.

Improvisation and Movement for Animators

A workshop in embodied improvisation, focusing on body language, rhythm, patterns, timing, and developing narrative detail. Last held in September, 2010 at Lucasfilm Animation, Singapore.

The Essence of Action: A 2-day Intro to Improvised Physical Theater

Introducing the language and basic practices of Action Theater™, a performance and awareness training rooted in embodied improvisation. Last held June, 2010 in Berkeley. Details here.

Jumping into NOthing & Finding SOMEthing, An Intro to Action Theater

This 3-hour workshop focuses on finding delight in the unknown and noticing how little it takes to find fascination. Most recently offered in April and May, 2010 in Berkeley, CA,  “Jumping into NOthing” was originally held at John F. Kennedy University’s Arts Annex on 6/24/07, 4/1/07, 3/4/07, 2/4/07, 12/16/06.  Each time was (and will be) different, as influenced by participants.

Wishes on Wind and Stone

A day devoted to transforming personal and collective frustration into hope-filled, positive intentions through Action Theater™, coactive coaching, and creation of a collaborative art installation at the Albany Bulb. 3/31/07, JFKU Arts Annex., Berkeley, CA

Action Theater™ Physical Improvisation:  Body, Mood, Concept

A weekly beginning/intermediate level class team-taught by Deanna Anderson, Hank Obermayer & Kim Criswell.  Monday nights, September/October 2006 at Temescal Arts Center, Oakland, CA.

Other workshops produced by Awareness Arts:

The Core of Expression: Action Theater™ and Laban/Somatics with Sten Rudstrøm and Satu Palokangas

For dance
rs, actors, dance/movement therapists, teachers, etc.: Body-based improvisation & expressive imagination to enhance vocal, verbal & physical performance skills. July 2010 Details are here.

A Sparkling Moment: workshop with Ruth Zaporah, creator of Action Theater™


An opportunity to practice with Ruth Zaporah, master teacher and innovator of Action Theater™:  April 2010. For info, click here.


Workshops in the works:

Improv for Introverts, celebrating introverts’ special gifts for listening & noticing detail... 

Writers’ groups and a retreat for business owners & solopreneurs who want to write their own websites...

"With a shift of perception, an ordinary moment becomes a sparkling event."

For info about private performance coaching, click here or contact Kim (at) awarenessarts (dot) com.

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Coming up:

A workshop with Al Wunder 
Australia’s “grandfather of improvised movement theater” 

Sat. & Sun. May 11 & 12
11 am - 5 PM

Wildcat Studio 
2525 8th St., Berkeley, CA


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