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Moment’s Notice

March 18, 2012; December 18, 2011

Moment’s Notice is an ongoing performance series devoted to improvised theater, dance and music that’s co-produced and co-curated by Kim Criswell, Katarina Eriksson and Rosemary Hannon. For more info:


photo by Aileen Kim

Kim Criswell performs improvised physical theater –– as a member of the Imaginary Friends improv trio, with other performers, and solo. 

Her performances often concern the poignant absurdity of being human, poking fun at habits of the mind (especially her own.)

Kim also co-curates and co-produces a Berkeley performance series called Moment’s Notice, and sometimes serves as producer, stage manager and/or house manager for other shows.

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 Jason Lim’s  
  Substation in Singapore                   17-19 March, 2011


Moment’s Notice, Berkeley, 6/5/10: an absurd physical theater piece by

Imaginary Friends (Kim Criswell, Abhay Ghiara & Krista Gullickson). 

The trio has been working together for over a decade, experimenting in its

own private Imaginary Friends Improv Lab.

Dance-A-Rama, Berkeley, 5/1/10: Solo Action Theater improvisation during

the first hour of this annual, day-long show celebrating National Dance Week.

Produced by Terrain Collective:

Moment’s Notice, Berkeley, 3/20/10:  Solo improvisation

Moment’s Notice, Berkeley,1/16/10:  MC for fundraiser for Doctors’ Without Borders


Moment’s Notice, Berkeley, 11/7/09:  Duet with Linda Rodeck

Moment’s Notice, Berkeley, 8/28/09:  Imaginary Friends trio

About Time: an evening with Ruth Zaporah and Bob Ernst,

a Moment’s Notice special event. 7/11/09, Berkeley, CA. 

(Producer, publicist, & house manager.)

Moment’s Notice, Berkeley, 6/13/09:  Alternating solos with Claire Peaslee

Moment’s Notice, Berkeley, 2/21/09:  Duet with Krista Gullickson


Altar’d States, Point Reyes Dance Palace:  improvisations with Claire Peaslee and Victoria Pizzinat Joy

Moment’s Notice, Berkeley, 3/22/08:  Large group improvisation with Action Theater improvisers Deanna Anderson, Catherine Debon, Hana Hammer, Hank Obermayer, Claire Peaslee, and Molly Sullivan


Moment’s Notice, Berkeley, 12/15/07:  The Moment’s Notice Ensemble (Kim Criswell, Cathleen Daly, Katarina Eriksson, Andrew Marine, Owen Walker & Rajendra Serber) in a full-evening, mixed-genre, improvised performance.

Moment’s Notice, Berkeley, 10/27/07:  Imaginary Friends trio

Moment’s Notice, Berkeley, 9/29/07: Duet with Owen Walker

The Wicked Engine of Connected Desire: An Unsurpassed Antidote for Chronic Disconnection, September 14-15, 2007 at The Lab, San Francisco, CA:  Semi-improvised, dada-esque collaboration with Cory Hitchcock, Beth Lisick, Mike Feinberg, Emlyn Guiney, activating a mixed-media installation by Cory Hitchcock.

Privates: A performance by Ronny Joe Grooms. August 19, 2007 at Intersection for the Arts, San Francisco, CA.  Kim Criswell was stage manager.


The Monster’s Shadow, Site Specific Performances. Candlestick Point Park, San Francisco. 12/03/05

  1. Indigestible. Solo piece responding to the pain of situations too difficult to digest (Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath in New Orleans; the Iraq war; bankruptcy; my brother’s terminal illness; my cat’s death…) I created a scroll of news clippings, photographs, and other symbols, which I pulled from my stomach, then cut.  Not yet ready to give up my attachment, I wrapped myself in my troubles – then thought better of it and left them behind.

  2. Fights and Flights of Transformation.  Semi-improvised group movement piece.

Time, Space & Spirit: Site Specific Performances at JFK University’s Arts Annex, 10/10/05

  1. Imaginary Friends Take a Ride.  Physical improvisation with Imaginary Friends partners Abhay Ghiara and Krista Gullickson, exploring an interactive, mechanical environment (the elevator).  The elevator participated in the performance and infused elements of chance.

  2. After the End, Where Are We?  Solo improvised performance in collaboration with Andy Kong Knight’s “Redemption” sculptures in the JFKU Gallery, in response to Hurricane Katrina and the New Orleans flood.

Locating the Borderlands: A Site-Specific Participatory Art Experience, Red Ink Studios, San Francisco, CA, 05/22/05:

  1. Bardo.  Collaborative installation, soundscape and performance with Natalia Foster and others as part of Odessy Works’ Locating the Borderlands project.  Eight sequential visitors participated in an interactive “bardo” experience as part of their day-long immersion in an alternate reality. 

Sight, Site, Cite: Site Specific Installation Performance, Heinz Building & surrounding area, Berkeley, CA, 03/12/05

  1. Dungeon of Guilt and Remorse. Life in this place and time. Does confession transform? Can failure and wrong-doing be cleansed?  Site specific installation in which a basement-like area in the Heinz Building became a dwelling place for guilt and remorse, with a thorn bed, a whip for self-punishment, confessions scribbled on walls to be washed off or erased, and an invitation to the audience to leave their own regrets. Solo, semi-improvised performance.

Big Time, Big Space: Group Show of Performances and Installations, JFKU, Berkeley, CA, January, 2005

  1. Face Time, solo performance for video.

  2. Action Theater improvisation with Deanna Anderson, exploring facets of life, death, memories and the afterlife…

  3. Sun Flowers Opening, Palo Alto, CA, April, 2003. Site-specific dance piece with audience interaction, choreographed and directed by Loop Events’ Mary Lois Hare to celebrate Earth Day and the unveiling of “Sun Flowers”, public art sculptures by Jeff Reed and Jennifer Madden, commissioned by the Palo Alto Art Commission with support from P.A. Utilities, Country Sun & CAADA.

  4. Moment’s Notice, Berkeley, CA, April, 2003: Action Theater improv with Catherine Debon & Molly Sullivan, exploring sisterhood, femininity and The Anti-Barbie.

  5. Imaginary Friend’s Boxed Set, Berkeley, CA, June, 2002.  An evening of improvised physical theater in collaboration with Abhay Ghiara and Krista Gullickson, at SpringFall Studio.  Reprised at Moment’s Notice, June, 2002

  6. Imaginary Friends: By Invitation Only, Berkeley, CA, 2001. An evening of improvised physical theater in collaboration with Abhay Ghiara and Krista Gullickson, at SpringFall Studio.  Reprised at Moment’s Notice, June, 2001

  7. Everywhere’s Here: An Evening of Improvisation, Berkeley, CA. Group Action Theater collaborations, directed by Cassie Terman.

  8. Now or Never: an evening of improvisation, Berkeley, CA. Group Action Theater collaborations, directed by Cassie Terman.

  9. Improvisations from the far side of the infinite, Berkeley, CA, 1999. Group Action Theater collaborations, directed by Cassie Terman.

When in Doubt, Improvise! May 31, 1998. Group Action Theater collaborations, directed by Cassie Terman.


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 Emmanuelle Waeckerle’s  
Jungle Fever
  Substation in Singapore, 21 June, 2011

Some past performances: