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The Essence of Action

A Two-Day Intro to Improvised Physical Theater

This two-day workshop introduces the language and basic practices of Action Theater™, a performance and awareness training rooted in physical improvisation. Originally developed to help performers hone and expand their physical instruments, it’s also an awareness practice for non-performers who want to feel more spontaneous, creative and embodied.

Day One introduces Action Theater’s basic concepts, examining and playing with forms of natural expression. Day Two will review and build on these practices, going more deeply into embodied theatrical improvisation.

Both days begin with meditative, body/sense-based improvisation scores and progress into a whole lot of playful fun. Through guided movement and imagery, playing with breath, voice, eyes, ears, limbs, body and impulse, we will listen to the here and now through our senses. Working solo and in groups, we’ll calibrate the internal with the external, become conscious of habits and actions we seldom notice, and seek delight in the knowing of not knowing.

Workshop leader Kim Criswell has performed improvised physical theater for over a decade; before that, she studied and performed classical dance and theater. She is certified to teach Action Theater by Ruth Zaporah, author of Action Theater: The Improvisation of Presence. Kim is a Certified Professional Coactive Coach with an MA in Transformative Arts from JFKU. She co-produces Moment’s Notice, a performance series for improvised theater, dance & music.


Wildcat Studio

2525 8th St., Berkeley, CA

June 19-20, 2010

Saturday & Sunday, 10:30AM - 3:30PM


both days:

pay by 6/12:  $100

after 6/12:  $120

single day:

pay by 6/12:  $60

after 6/12:  $70

No experience necessary.

Wear clothes you can move around in.