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Action Theater™ is an improvisational physical theater training and performance method created by Ruth Zaporah. It’s practiced by performing artists as well as by non-performers who want to refine their skills in listening, observation, embodied expression and creative spontaneity.

Action Theater expands a performers’ vocabulary of expression, including movement, vocalization, and speech.  Exercises isolate components of action (time, space, shape and energy) so they can be examined, experienced, and altered. Composition, listening and relationship are deconstructed, to be reassembled with greater awareness.

This disciplined exploration becomes a tool for examining habitual perceptions and responses.  It leads to an increased, more authentic ability to hold and express emotion and dance with your own poetry.

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About Kim Criswell

Kim Criswell is a performing artist who produces events and workshops and offers private coaching and consulting.  She has performed improvised physical theater for over a decade; long before that, she danced with San Francisco’s Khadra International Folk Ballet and Komenka Ethnic Dance ensemble in New Orleans.

Kim is among a small number of improvisers in the United States who’ve trained to teach Action Theater™, the improvisation of presence, a training and performance method created by Ruth Zaporah. Kim’s work is influenced by studies with Al Wunder, Anna Halprin, Cassie Terman, Owen Walker, Hiroko Tamano, Seth Eisen, Buddhist monks, and other teachers, as well as her training as a Certified Professional CoActive Coach.  She has an MA in Transformative Arts from John F. Kennedy University.

In the business world, Kim has a background in branding, marketing communications, and product launches for new businesses. She facilitates strategy-setting retreats, uses improv for speaker training, media training and team-building, and continues to serve as an editor, story coach, and consultant. Kim used to own a PR agency that specialized in high tech start-up launches. She especially loves working with writers, artists and other self-employed creative people.

More information on Kim’s business services is at

Email kim (at) awareness arts (dot) com or call 510.545.6221 for more info.

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